Since their company's inception in May of 2001, they at Orlando Ghost Tours have strived to provide fun and educational paranormal investigative experiences for their guests. Their tour of downtown Orlando has developed into one of the finest and most unique tours in the southeast United States. In addition, their investigative tour of the Greenwood Cemetery has continued to grow and allows them to expose you to yet another fascinating part of Orlando, rich in history and teeming with paranormal activity.

Orlando Ghost Tours is a dedicated organization, committed to pursuing the truth as it pertains to paranormal phenomena and educating the public on the proper ways of conducting a paranormal investigation. It is their hope to provide you with an experience like no other and to challenge your mind to forge new questions and search for new answers. They invite you to join them as they journey into paranormal realms, the likes of which few have witnessed, and ask you…Do You Believe?

Downtown Orlando Investigative Tour:

Orlando Ghost Tours downtown Orlando tour is a two-hour walking tour of the downtown Orlando area that focuses on paranormal investigation. The first half of the tour is spent walking you to several different buildings, venturing inside whenever possible, telling you all of the stories and history associated with each property, and giving you a working education in parapsychology. Then, during the second half of the tour, they take you inside an actual haunted building where you get to conduct a paranormal investigation using some of their own equipment.

Come explore a side of Orlando you never knew existed as they separate the facts from the folk lore and leave it to you to decide!

It is important to note that they do not employ actors to deliberately frighten you nor do they stage any of the experiences you may have during the course of the tour. Any experiences had on the tour are legitimate ones but it is through the investigative process that they attempt to determine whether or not they are paranormal in nature. Past experiences have ranged from electromagnetic readings on some of their equipment to actual sightings of ghosts so, you never know quite what to expect from on night to the next.

As on all of their tours and events, all manners of photography are welcome and, indeed, encouraged. The only thing that they ask is that if you do manage to capture some sort of anomaly on film, please send them a copy so that they may examine it and perhaps post it on this website.

The downtown tour is conducted every Monday through Saturday at 8:00pm. Times may vary on occasion depending on the time of the year